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The Company

Finca Trinidad S.A. was born as a family venture in its home town, Nonogasta, in the Valley of "Antinaco - Los Colorados", Province of La Rioja. Today it has 170 hectares of bearing vineyards, 60% of which devoted to vinification, and the rest to the production of seedless raisins. Having an active market share, both nationally and internationally since 2005, the company works hard to look after the vineyards and be able to increase cropland, supply new markets and keep their products’ distinctive features attained over the years, and is identified by the quality and personalized service that make the difference.

Quality and Excellence

The whole elaboration process is carried out under stringent cleanliness and quality controls, from the intensive care of the crops to the business relations with the clients, including the different elaboration processes ensuring products of superior quality. The staff training and the integration of new technologies add competitiveness to their production processes.


BRC: BRC (British Retalil Consortium) is one of today’s most important food safety standards. Transparency is assured throughout the entire production line, a clear proof of food-safety regulatory compliance is provided, and each and every stage of the product manufacturing process is controlled, which is a feature that constitutes a competitive edge among industries. It ultimately allows us to reconcile food safety with quality control.
Kosher: kosher terminology means suitable/fit. It makes reference to all foods that meet the standards of biblical and Talmudic Jewish law.
Traceability Code: we have deployed a follow-up mechanism for all manufactured batches that allows us to gain access to complete batch information in all the stages of the production line. From cultivation to harvest, and then to packaging, every single stage makes a difference in the final product, and this code allows us to access the detailed process.


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National Route 74 – Road to La Puerta (unnumbered)
5372 Nonogasta (Chilecito) - La Rioja – Argentine Republic
Phone: +54 9 03825 499323 -